Liquid LadyBug Coupon  If you order a free sample (2oz), they will send you a 10% off next order coupon.

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GrowDaddyGrow Points4997
Sounds great! I'm on my way. Thanks for sharing...

TwistedEvil commented Jun 19, 2012

Did u get my PM bro?

GrowDaddyGrow commented Jun 21, 2012

No I did Not receive it.


Captain45 Points3853
Me too.THANKS!


TwistedEvil Points880
UPDATE. Try using ladybug10 as a coupon code when placing your order. I'm not sure how many times it can be used etc..but it's worth a shot. Let me know guys if you are having luck...I took a pic of what I got, they may change if they have, don't shoot the messenger ;)

GrowDaddyGrow commented Jun 21, 2012

I ordered mine and the discount code worked too! Thanks again Twisted Evil. I hope I NEVER have to use this stuff!!!!

TwistedEvil commented Jun 21, 2012

Right on GDG, glad it is still a good code! Yes, lets hope the bottle goes under the sink and never comes out ;)

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