Can I use live ladybugs in an indoor growing room?

If I use live ladybugs indoors will they completely get rid of the spider mites. And if they do completely get rid of them then how do I keep the ladybugs alive if they have no more spider mites to feed on. I figure this would be the best most natural way to get rid of pests. Any help appreciated. also how many ladybugs do I need for an 8x8x12 room with about 12 plants?

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Kizmo Points7984

i do believe you will need 2 for each plant unless they are small than about 1 per plant, lady bugs dont have a long life span anyway i think 4-8 weeks but not sure

here is some reading for ya


Captain45 Points3853
Thay sell liquid ladybug that works to.


GrowDaddyGrow Points4997
I have to agree with the Captain, there's nothing better out there to kill spider mites and eggs than "Liquid Ladybug.'

Check the link out above, you'll be a lot better off with this than a room full of bugs...


TwistedEvil Points880
U will be cleaning up dead ladybugs allover bro. Get that liquid ladybug and check out a post where there is 10% off ur order. IF u do get live ones, store them in the fridge to keep them. Vaccum them up with a hand duster etc.


grower27 Points5994
I personally ike the use of lady bugs and bring them in everytime i find them to put in my grow room. I have not used liquid ladybug but i think i may since it has such a good rep in here.

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