whats the 3 numbers for soil once I begin to veg

Is 14-6-6 the best to start with? An expert was telling someone a much higher number and Im confussed now. Im a 1st timmer and I got a bunch of miricle grow products I learned in this forum its not that great for the veg cycle so I will be trying to get some other organic soil. Please tell me what soil to get. and where do I get it. USA EAST coast. Does advance nuits have a soil and how can I get it?

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GrowDaddyGrow Points4997
If you're going to grow in soil, I recommend Organicare 'Pure Earth.' or Fox Farms Ocean Forest organic soils. Both are available at the following site...



airplane Points17605
use organic soil. then start to fertilize once you planted  IN  soil, you can buy soils that are expensive,go with organic 2 bag for $4.00. a good site for beginners is "marijuana-seeds.***" . need more sites let me know. Other might have other ideas, you will find much info on cultivation to you to sort it out  and find what works for you


grower27 Points5994
veg all purpose fert pellets use a 10-10-10. these are fert numbers not soil numbers. Nitrogen is you main concern in veg and is your first number. higher the N the more green and lush your plant will grow

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