placing plants in the dark for 48 hours

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UncleBud Points1586
the theory is that going to a limited light cycle or even total dark for 48 hrs signals the plant that it's the last chance to get pollinated, causing it to make a final push sending all the goodies to the bud........makes sense. i did it on my last harvest, and can say without a doubt..........damned if i know!

UncleBud commented Feb 21, 2012

yup, lights out, however maintain temp/circulation etc.

mgest2008 commented Feb 22, 2012

srry but i didnt get the last part ...dammed if i know ...was it good or bad

airplane commented Mar 24, 2012

Go to "Robert Connell Clark" he explaines the theory of 24-72 hrs of darkness before harvest also they recommend you stop watering plant  3-4 days before harvest also

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