brown leaves

my plants are 6 weeks into vegging and the leaves are curling and going brown, they seem to be shrinking. Hve you any suggestions to help and also what amount of nutrients should i be using at this stage, i am currently using canna a and b.


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mgest2008 Points495
mmm had a similar problem earlier this month. mine was over feeeding of nutrients all depends on how u start i say cause i started with 1/2 strenght but then jumped to full strenght to quick and boom brown spots, brown leaves, then came the yellow.  hope this helps


airplane Points17605
basicly it can only be two things over watering, over nutrituents, the old saying  about  the two things' "less is best". I just remembered your lighting could be a facter, distance from and typeof lighting


steve Points625
is it just the top leaves ? or all the leaves ?or just the fan leaves, have you cut down on watering ?

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