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can i run a 400 watt metal halide bulb in a universal 1000 watt hps ballast? - Weedportal Experts
i have already put the 400 watt metal halide bulb in my 1000 watt hps universal ballast, but was to unsure of the facts to leave it run like that..the bulb did light up an did seem to be working fine. thanks

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UncleBud Points1583
depends on what you mean by "universal"--i take that as meaning it will run both HPS and MH, but the wattage is what is tricky. some ballasts are "dimmable"--some you can dim by percentage (50/75/100%) and all of those i've seen still require the specified watt bulb. some (lumatek, i think) are dimmable by wattage--400/600/1000, and apparently you can switch to the appropriate watt bulb in those. .


Kizmo Points6553
the first golden rule is 400w for a 400w ballast, 1000w for a 1000w ballast, but maybe you could for some reason. personally I wouldnt as the globe should blow due to the power that is supplyed. the glass may even exploded so be carefull, as well as to mention it could start a fire. well thats my opinion

groboii1 commented Oct 23, 2011

i would imagine it is universal for hps an mh since it did work both kinds of bulbs. an if it were dimmmable would there be a switch or would it do it by itself. the ballast runs just as smooth with the 400 watt metal halide as it does the 1000 watt hps which it calls for. i have tried to look up the ballast but cant never seem to find one that looks just like mine. an there is absolutely no brand name or nothin on it..couldnt i add a pic on here of it?

UncleBud commented Oct 23, 2011

if it were dimmable, it would have an adjustment knob--mine is dimmable, 1000w, but i still have to use a 1000w bulb at all settings--the lumeteks i've seen that dim by wattage will accept that wattage bulb--can you contact the seller? could be an expensive mistake if you get it wrong!

groboii1 commented Oct 23, 2011

i would love to kno what brand it is, but i have looked it over many times an there is nothin that i can see that states a brand name. only a white sticker that says 1000watt hps.i have looked on google but none of them look quite the same as mine.. it seems like it is an expensive one to me. im usin it to grow my nl auto. a ? i have about them are am i better off to leave the lights on them 24 7 or should i give them a dark period?


UncleBud Points1583
what kizmo said, plus, i believe it can fry your ballast--better do some research!!


mgest2008 Points495
I personaly use the lumtake dimanble ballast 100 watt it dials 600...750...1000....-& super lumens which is abt 1250 watts and i have a 1000 watt in there now and ive dropped it to 600 watts with the ballast dial to 600 watt.. With the 1000 watter and there is a diffrence u notice it and its less hotter idk y but it works for me ... Hope this helps...mgest2008


Kizmo Points6553
a MH will fire in a HPS ballast as a MH only needs 1 starter while HPS uses 2 Starters for some reason, you can see the starters on HPS when it turns on the the second fires about  seconds later. but the wattage should be  the same as the globe, but the universal i am not sure on it may addapt to the globe but yer I would ask the retailer, or a shop that sell the globes.

As for ya NL auto's most people are doing 20/4 or 18/6 but you can do 24/7 especially for veg

harley24 commented Oct 19, 2013

You can really tell when the second fire kicks in on the 600w hps I am using. It brightens up the whole room and part of another. Just joking, but it does light up the entire room. They can sure put off some heat too. Maybe I can use the hps instead of a heater this year, it may be cheaper. Peace

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