morphadite plant

one of my superskunk plants was a morph , it sprouted 3 primary leaves, and at about 3 weeks it shot a giant limb out one side , it was twice as big as the main stem ,the big stem grew some then started trying to shoot lots of leave from the same spot ,and really did no more,   the main stem ended up being totally flat , not round at all,  and grew a few short limbs off of it  .The only real bud of any size at all was the main kola  and it wasn't nothing ,, 2 inches maybe , i thought it might turn in to something special , but alas .  pactically no harvest at all   . I did take plenty of pics along the way,  the other 4 i'm waiting on  and looking very nice

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steve Points625
P.S. the only reason i harvested it was ,  she was dieing fast , dropping all it's leaves turning yellow , so I put her out of her missery...needed room anyway


knewguy Points1201
Sometimes you get freaks. I had one just last grow.

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