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bonehead Points258
i do everyday..but at a reduced rate. if it calls for 1tsp per gal,every 7-14 days, then i use 1/4 tsp per gal everytime i water.


knewguy Points1201
Look at your plants they'll tell you. If they look nice and healthy, let them be. If not, adjust; depending to their symptoms.

Post here if you have issues and we'll help with what we know.

Happy Growing!

kev commented Apr 6, 2014

My plant has started to droop its been fed and watered and its on twelve twelve and started to produced small buds what can I do


grower27 Points5994
I feed my plants on a rotation water ing scale. Feed once then wait 3 days and water only the wait 3 days and feed. On the days its just water I use a foilar spray with humboldt sticky.

mgest2008 commented Dec 16, 2011

y is that ..does it work well ..they dont suffer the nute missin


mainemedpatient Points3005
i feed mine evryday.....

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