I have 2 flowering plants outside... theres been endless rain here in new england... I havent been able to go out and check on them... should i kiss them goodbye?

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newmanhax Points57
Thanks a lot guys, been worryin over here for a while. I'm gonna check them out today and give an update!


Kizmo Points7984
hope for the best LP.


GrowDaddyGrow Points4997
As long as they have ample drainage, not standing in water, I'd keep an eye on them...


mainemedpatient Points3005
as long as they have good drainage and are not standing in water they will be just fine.the cool temps we have been having are more of a danger than the rain.


BigOx Points2410
I hear you LP Im also from New england and Ive had all the rain I can take for a while. It seems like we will get all the rain now and none all summer.  As far as your plants go I think you should be all set as long as, like said previously you have ample drainage and they are fairly established plants (not seedling). Its been a little cold for seedlings so with that its a 50/50 shot, just get to them soon and check them out. You still have plenty of time to put more out if need be.


newmanhax Points57
they should be ok got some rocks on the bottom they are potted at the moment. Poor girls, April showers don't stop till middle of June here.


newmanhax Points57
the girls survived! and looking great  thanks guys!


knewguy Points1201
Never give up.

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