Sativa for an indoor grow?

I am looking for a good predominantly sativa or close to pure sativa that i could grow indoors using soil and LST. I want as much of a high as possible with minimal couchlock. I don't really care if it's whi te strain or not. Preferably from nirvana. I've looked through basically all of thier strains but i'm undecided. I tend to trust the people here more than the reviews on the strains. Thank you.

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grower27 Points5994
Sativas will mostely give you some uppity highs. All you have to do is tivapick one with the most percent sativa. You can not go wrong with any of nirvanas strians.


grower27 Points5994
If you are lookinbg for just a strain name try full moon or urban poison. They are pretty good strains. Although the full moons can take of rather quick and leave you with no room to move.


BigOx Points2410
I have also had great luck, with heavey yeilds with the    venus flytrap  I have grown with great sucess indoors and out. It is also beginner friendly.


GrowDaddyGrow Points4997
Don't forget Raspberry Cough is predominantly sativa. I'm telling you this stuff just reeks of raspberries. Good uppity high, easy to grow...

grower27 commented Jul 26, 2011

I had a small room with that grow that turned out really well. I wrote a review on it under the strain if it didn't get lost in the website shuffle. That is a good strain and I would have to agree with it being one of my top pics also.

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