When your plants are in vegetative state, 18/6 is the best lighting schedule.

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grower27 Points5994
I was always one to think 24/0 was better for my plants and to never take them from the light. However my wife insisted I turn the lights off. She won. I turn my lights off for 20/4 now and have a much better product. She read something that teached you that the plants builds a better product during the dark period. My analogy is in the son you have a bunch of factory workers hurrying and putting the plant together. It is making energy and using that energy fast just building away. When the lights go off the plant has less energy. This is when the over priced artist come out and sculpt your plants. There is little stored energy to use but the plant grows with fine detail. This was a more advance article on marijuana and I can not explain how everything really works. So from that point out I am a firm believer off the Dark Cycle


onehitwonder Points440
im an 18/6 man myself the down time builds a much better plant i think saves money on the electric bill also :)


notafraidto Points696
The dark time is crucial from plant growth, that is when the **** of regeneration and cellular growth occurs. During the light period growth is at a minimum as the plant is busy storing light energy in carbohydrates to metabolize during the dark periods.

Why would we go out of our way to best simulate a natural environment just to ignore the lighting schedule?


BigOx Points2410
its a matter of grower preference and in some cases strain


reverendcam Points19
in the veg stage 31"24-7" lol, is the real answer, why give up 6 hours of precious grow time where you will gain an inch more of growth. then when you start giving them a dark period which should be like 14 -10 they bud the next next day and will be twice as big because of the 180 extra hours of light time in 1 month alone.  I don't know where the having a dark period came from but it's false during the veg cycle. Keep the lights on 24-7 then answer back to me , you'll see and will be kicking yourself for all the wasted growth you threw away by giving your plants a dark period during veg.
Th Rev


TwistedEvil Points880
Personally i am going with 24 this grow then I'll go 18/6 the next one

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