What's the best temperature range to grow indoor marijuana?

What's the best temperature range to grow indoor marijuana?

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GrowDaddyGrow Points4997
My grow room is in the basement, so the temperature fluctuates between 60 to 70 degrees. But I get great yields...


onehitwonder Points440
72-76 degrees during light hours and 5 to 10 degrees at lights out( marijuana horticulture pg ***)


mainemedpatient Points3005
76 degrees lights on with a temperature decrease of 5 to 10 degrees when the lights go out....some strains do better at 80 degrees with as much as a 15 degree drop when lights are out...of course if you are using co2 in your indoor grow then the plants can tolerate higher temperatures.the low temps at night can influence color like blue,purple and so forth...experience will  teach ya what strains do best in certain temps.


notafraidto Points696
High 70s to low 80's, you will need CO2 past 82 degrees


grower27 Points5994
Sorry I was looking at something else. I keep mine from 70-80f and do not let it drop and raise no more the 15 degrees at a time.


onehitwonder Points440
sorry meant 5 to 10 degrees cooler when lites out


grower27 Points5994
please check the data bank. this has been answered


ej6 Points14
dam... i got mine at 100f with the fan on?

Chopada commented Aug 20, 2014

I am using a grow tent with reflective mylar material with 2 LED lights and 2e T5 lights for the sides and it reads 100 with 40% humidity! How do i lower the temp?

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