any recommendations for a good flowering fertilizer that I can find at walmart or home depot?

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Honestly, i use miricle grow in veg cycle and it works better then my foxfarm nitrogen and my humbolt grow. also I like using the 10-10-10 which now is just 10-10-0. thanks to the government in veg. Everyone seems to disagree with the miricle grow products but i stand behind them. Also i noticed that MG has a fert for blooming and roses now with low nitrogen and higher potassium and phos that im going to try on some outdoor plants this year. I like to save the foxfarm, humbolt and advanced nutes for indoor use. Only because im a cheapskate.


grower27 Points5994
Also, search for the list of organics to raise your P,K.


bonehead Points258
Gro-Fine 10-54-10. get it at menards.

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