Ready for my week 6 update on the master kush grow?

Here are some pictures of my master kush grow after 6 weeks of flowering. From what i have read and the videos i have watched i still have up to 4 more weeks of flowering until the trics get where i want them, which is 50% cloudy and 50% amber. I am hoping to fill in the voids between most of the bud sites. We will just have to wait and see what happens. I am now giving the girls Budswell and double molasses along with the max on the bio-bloom. I am not giving them the max that is suggested, but the max to me for the plants. OK, tell me if you can see a difference in this week and last week. Later my friends. When you look at the last picture you can see the back wall, so this allows for plenty of air circulation and light can get to the lower bud sites. I am hoping to see bigger buds next week. Peace

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HomeBrew Points14058
Looks like they have bulked up and maybe got a little more dense since last week. Looks great, keep it going until the trics tell you when to flush. I'd say about 20-25% amber before flush will probably get you where you want them to finish, assuming a 2 week flush.


Dan Diesel Points7208
hey bro,,looks great,, buds getting bigger buddy, should really swell up this week!! Good luck!!


harley24 Points15102
Yea, the trics are still clear and shiny so i have more time than i thought. The description of master kush says a flowering time of 7-8 weeks, but from what i have seen and read they can take as long as 10 weeks to make it to harvest. Peace


harley24 Points15102
I am hoping those buds swell up this week. I know the budswell will help, and i am hoping the double dose of molasses helps as well. I am going to give the girls full nutrients one more time, and then back off the bio-bloom and prepare for flush. I may be able to give the plants 2 more doses of budswell, which i think would help a lot. First i want to see how the plants do after the first feeding of budswell. Peace

Dan Diesel commented Apr 6, 2014

hey harley i would not worry too much if the budswell did not get a full week of flush,, i have used it till the end with my master kush and the taste could not be better,, so as long as your nutes are flushed i would just cut out the budswell a week or a few days till harvest,, i just fed a couple times with plain water then harvested after using the budswell and it had no adverse taste,,,good luck buddy, keep us posted as i know you will!!!

harley24 commented Apr 6, 2014

Good info Dan D. I plan on stopping everything except the molasses for the last watering, and i will give the plants 1 gallon of water. I will then remove any runoff so the plants do not suck it back up. I will use my 2 gallon shop vac to suck the water up from the drain pans. I may do this again in 3 or 4 days following the first flush. Do you think that is a good idea? Peace

Dan Diesel commented Apr 6, 2014

all sound good and i would do it a couple times,, I would also do it till you got more runoff then usual and do as you said and get rid of the water in the pan,, you may want to have the shop vac ready while you are watering it so you can get alot of run off and suck it up as you go,, You may want to go with a couple gallons of water,,,Peace!!

harley24 commented Apr 7, 2014

Yea Dan, i will have 12 gallons of water ready for the 6 plants so i can make sure they get a good flush. I will also take your advice and have the shop vac running and ready to go when the time comes. I will do this a couple times like you suggested so i do get a good flush. I have been using organic nutrients, but don't want to take any chances of ruining the weed when it comes to taste and harshness. Thanks for the help once again. Peace

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