How to grow autoflower seeds indoors for newbies?

I'm about to grow for the first time and I ordered Bubblelicious feminized autoflower (5 seeds) from I've also did research on which materials i would need for the project. I just want an easy step by step guide, starting from the germination stage, on how to successfully grow autoflower cannabis seeds. Please give a very detailed answer, thank you.


p.s. I am using a grow tent and I have 6500k (blue) lights and 2700k (red) lights

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harley24 Points15102
I have grown bubblelicious feminized, but not the auto strain, but this is a very easy plant to grow. I used 3 gallon grow bags, T5 HO lights for vegging, Nirvana grow and flowering tablets, molasses, Rhino Skin for silicate, root stimulator, and a 600w HPS for flowering. You have no say so when the plants flower, so you need to watch them close. I would go with an 18/6 schedule all the way through the grow, but change the light to grow lights when you see them start to flower. I did not change my lights until the third week of 12/12 on my last bubb. grow, and the plants loved this for some reason. I hope this helps. Peace

jwashington4476 commented Jan 24, 2014

thanks this was very helpful, and can u tell me when and how much nutrients to give the plant because I never grew anything in my life lol

harley24 commented Jan 25, 2014

I use the grow and flowering tablets from Nirvana for my nuts so I do not have to have a nut schedule, just water them, add molasses, Rhino Skin, and root stimulator at certain times and I am done. I would go with Advanced Nutrients, such as the Grow, Bloom and one other that i cannot think of now, but they are good nuts and will do what you need. Just google them and you will find a place to purchase them. They also provide advice on when to use them. Peace


dd Points2034
as a new grower i have also choosen autos.

i did go the LED route regarding the lights to be on a cutiing edge :)

yes germination just like any seed, you have many tutorials. i recommend using the germination kit from nirvana,

lights 18\6 for autos all the way.

nutes only flowertab from nirvana half the tab.

no growing nutes. also soil light mix with perlite,

and for watering when the soil is dry, on LED light since heat is not the issue i water much less.

first 14 days then few weeks on 7 days and just now on 3 4 days.


airplane Points17605
auto flowering also  Nivarna has goos information on autos, being your  "K"'s are correct blue (daylight?) red (warm/soft ?) tent size? will determine you pot size, treat auto seed just like any ither seed  when it comes to germination, ect


HomeBrew Points14058

is also another resource you can use.

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