The last couple times i made bubble it sucked,lol.. Why is it coming out pure green.. Is it too many leaves ?? I only put leaves in that have trics on them, i put in anything that has trics on it. When i make oil from alcohol it comes out great but the bubble i have been screwing it  up royally..I tried few different tactics and same result, and the trim is nice and frosty, covered in trics. I tried mixing with wooden spoon ,and not too much ,and i tried putting in blender. What am i doing wrong. i am dying for a nice batch and i only have one bag of trim left....

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DrGreenthumb Points182
Try using a dry screen, don't blend or break up the leaves and then just lightly tap the screen and move them about without breaking them up and you'll get golden hash.

Dan Diesel commented Jul 17, 2013

thanks, i was thinking of trying dry ice hash the next time around , i guess that is what you are reffering to?? Or just like kief.


Kizmo Points7984
when heated while its wet it will bubble, is the water really cold and lots of ice? Alot of the green should be caught in the 220 and 160 micron bags the rest should have minimal green, but it dose looks green when its wet and when it drys it turns yellow ish.

I did a batch years ago and didnt work out the technique in draining the bag and left it for 3 days, the final product was like oil and black I called it "paint" and wasnt very good...

I hope it works out for you DD

Dan Diesel commented Jul 17, 2013

i know what you mean, usually the green is caught by the 160 and they rest gets less green, it was freezing with a ton of ice, i did a batch mixing by hand and a batch with the blender and they came out the same,,,maybe just something to do with the trim i used,,,thanks for your reply!! I did have a lot of larger leaves in there this time just because they were covered in trics???


airplane Points17605
I really do not know  but one thing I do is when you smoke it if it does not bubble its bad, needs to bubble when heat applied

Dan Diesel commented Jul 17, 2013

it does get me stoned it just does not look or taste the way i want it to..taste more like black hash i would buy off the streets???

airplane commented Jul 18, 2013

May be the problem is the strain of marijuana you are using, indica's make the best hash

Dan Diesel commented Jul 18, 2013

Thats what i was thinking because i have made it pleanty of times with good results, this grow was hybrids and more towards the sativa side..but as usual thanks for the info, you are always great help,,,Peace!!

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