Can I top an 8 week old three foot plant, will it adversly affect the plant?

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mainemedpatient Points3005
ok, unless it is an autoflower the age is irrelevant because you can keep a cannabis plant in a vegetative state could take clones or use a supercropping method or simply top it.afterwards continue the vegetative stage until it has filled back out before changing to the flower cycle.


BigOx Points2410
I would only recommend that you top it if your still in vegging stage.  If you top during flowering you will cause your plant to use all its energy to produce new bud sites which will drastically alter your end bud size and weight.  will make for airy buds


mainemedpatient Points3005
i agree with potter i would clone and only top if you are going to veg her long enough after topping for her to fill in and grow out.i would not do it if you are not going to veg her long enough afterwards for her to grow out and fill in.there would be no benefit at all,it would cost you in her and veg her back out and you have increased your yield......


grower27 Points5994
What strain is your plant? You will more then likely be okay to top. I am not sure that the effect of topping will pay off very much at the time. I personally would take clones from the smaller branches on the bottom sides.


RedWu Points22
Thanks for the help and recommedation, the plant is still in the Vegging stage, however since its 8 weeks old im concerned that if i top the plant now it will only have another 2-3 weeks of growth, will topping at this stage affect the bud growth in flowering stage?


Kizmo Points7984
Is topping only pinching out the centre? I would only do this if the plant isnt bushing out or getting too tall. Renember each end is a crown so pinching out the center can result in smaller buds too. But yes veg can go for way longer that 12 weeks. It also depends on the type of seed as some plants can double in size from end of veg to full cycle

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