Looking for opinions on indoor soil mediums?

I've done outdoor in the past and I used Ocean Forest by Foxfarm, but I found like many people I've talked too, it was a little too strong. I was burning the tips of my leaves from a sproutling. I'm switching to indoor now, as outdoor isn't safe in my town, and I was looking for some advice and other people's opinions and experiences. I really appreciate it!!!

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Kizmo Points7984
the best indoor medium is 5-10% clay balls in the bottom, then a mixture of 30% coco fiber and60% perlite with a small layer of clay balls on top to stop mould or algie.

I find soil can cause alot of issues with moulds and rotting organic matter, where coco and perlite the plant dosnt absorb or break down any of the matter and rely on the nutrients you feed it, which speeds up and finishes the season alot quicker and larger yeilds in my opinion


Dan Diesel Points7208
have you thought of a coco grow maybe? or you can mix the foxfarm with some plain premium top soil maybe half and half for your seedlings then go full strength when they get bigger? Hope this helps.

grizzlygreenery commented Apr 8, 2013

I ended up going with 5 Bags of Royal Gold Basement (Which has a ton of Coco) and mixing in 1 bag of Vermifire evenly with the 5 bags. I have 16 clones under a 1000 watt gavita and I have another *** watt hps light in my corner for an even light distribution. They have been going for 6 days now and they all look phenomenal. My girl scout cookies have grown like 3 inches already!!!!


roadhog Points318
Like DD said coco. I did my first grow in coco this year and loved it! It's clean easy to work with holds moisture well and most importantly the girls loved it. peaceout keep it green

grizzlygreenery commented Apr 8, 2013

I went with Royal Gold Basement which has a lot of Coco in it, and I mixed in 1 bag of Vermifire in 5 bags of Basement. It's all going well so far. Clones are about 6 days old.


bootkiller Points581
Fox Farms Ocean Forest.. Look at my pics u will see how they worked on my seedlings.. those were like 2 to 3 weeks tops...


airplane Points17605
Good results with top soil and manure  (50/50 mix) it's cheap , your  yields will be consisitent with all others, personal choice! Why make things harder and expensive

Kimmy13 commented Apr 3, 2013

Stinky Stinky ;)  lol


Kimmy13 Points372

I use Rockwool . I love it.. I started my germinated seeds in a tiny cube , then was able to take the entire cube and transplant into a hollowed out bigger cube when they were a seedling.Then  When i moved my girls to the veg room i used an even Bigger cube 4 inches i think and thats where they will stay till they are done.. Let me add that i also use clay pellets intergrated mosly under the RW. . I love this stuf.. it holds moisture but doesnt drown my plants . Very minimal if any transplant shock..none was noticed from germ to seedling size. I noticed a little shock when i put into veg room but to be expected because of the light and nute changes that had to be made.I almost didnt answer this question , I am growing Hydro..  Hope this helps some :)

airplane commented Apr 4, 2013

Keep comming with your input, what ever you suggest gives one another avenue on thought!

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