Out of weed and need to dry as quickly as possible so I can start making some hash. I have a method that will take about an hour but the leaves will take longer to dry. How can I dry them within an hour or less without ruining any trichomes, resin, and/or thc.

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airplane Points17605
No! never heard of that, then again anything is possible!

tsn3899 commented Feb 13, 2013

I have a way to make the hash quick. I just need a way to dry it quick. Won't the heat in an oven destroy the thc and canabinoids? Or is there a safe temp I can dry them at?


EmB Points193
i gave you a recepe that you dont need drying the leafs....

EmB commented Feb 13, 2013

i'll upload pic for you to see what i made this night and i already smoke it

tsn3899 commented Feb 13, 2013

Thanks for the help but I have a way so I can smoke within an hour after drying. Your method wants me to put it in the freezer over night. That won't work for me. Just need to dry quickly. Found out that any temp above 150 will vaporize the thc so if I can dry under that temp, I am good to go but my oven goes to 200 degrees the lowest.

EmB commented Feb 14, 2013

do what you think is best but has far has i know - the only hash that made from "wet" bud's\leaf is charas
the recipe that i give you can be made with wet plants but i must say its much better if you do it after dying process - fast dying process is not good its "smoke" the staff for you...
the bubble hash is also can be a fast way to made hash very good way also worth to buy this set..


Kizmo Points7984
there is no way you can do that without distroying the trichomes, why not just bubble bag it, you can do that with fresh trimmings


growbud Points729
Use dry ice extraction.

growbud commented Feb 13, 2013

You shouldn't need dry leaves for that method.


Captain45 Points3853
It takes time there is no real quick way if you want it to be worth any thing.

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