how do i figure out grams per watt?

so when i am trying to figure out the g per watt do i just add all of it up and divide by amount of watts or am i missing something and does that take into perspective for the entire grow period of 3 to 4 months? so if i have 1200 watts hps i should pull aywhere around a thousand grams right seems like a big number to hit 28 for a oz so 10 oz is 280 grams right 280x2=560x2=1120 so i need to pull 40 plus oz to hit a gram per watt seems pretty high thats why i am not sure how to calculate this any info would be great thank you in advance

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Kizmo Points7984
Nah it dosnt work like that, I do not think you can calculate your grams by wattage.

if you have 4 plants at 3 foot, and have 1200w you might yeild 120g per plant

then if you have 4 plants at 5 foot and 1200w you might yeild 400g per plant

so I cant see how you calculations can work, its all goto do with the vegatation stage


airplane Points17605
Agree with Kizmo:  the longer the vegation stage the bigger the yield. Indoors you can "veg" for months, this is usually done to "mother" plants (6 months or more)

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