CFL light distance, sprouting seed?

Hi guys. I'm planting direct to soil with my fem auto seed. (jock horror) I'm using CFL lights. when the seed is in soil before srouting, what wattage CFL and what distance from soil? Once seed has sprouted, what wattage,what distance from plant? Thanx for all your help so far guys,great to be apart of this site. Troyboy.

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airplane Points17605
depending on the wattage any where from 2-12 inches, what is your wattage? different distance for different stages of growth. Yes they do work!

troyboy commented Nov 27, 2012

I have 85 watt 6500k & 85 watt 2700k.
But I want to buy a low watt that,s good just for seedling/sprouting ( as I don't want to "bake" the soil when in seedling stage and I don't want stretching in sprouting stage)

airplane commented Nov 27, 2012

I would sugest to get at least *** watt cfls's to grow and flower. they will be ok for now, germination -2 inches above plant and considering your wattage keep at 2-4 inches after that , and watch for heat burn  if some occures raise 1 inch at a time. remember more light =  bigger buds  and shorter grow time using 85's will add an extra  month in flower time


GrowDaddyGrow Points4997
If you're wanting to buy another light, I would suggest regular flourescent lights for your seedlings. Once sprouted and starting to thrive, get as much light as you can on those plants. Keep in mind with that type of light you won't be growing monster plants...

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